About Us



At MyObras we take great pride in our work, seeing it as an extension of our personality. Image and design form part of the company strategy, they are its hallmark.
This is achieved by approaching architecture, design and communication from an overall picture and also an individual picture, in other words, each client.
To cover all the design needs of our clients, we analyse every process from start to finish, asking ourselves what, how, where and why for each aspect of the project, both in terms of product and service.
We understand and respect the social and cultural values of each location or country. Our approach is based on logic, sensitivity and imagination. We constantly strive to add value to each of our projects, seeking to create a bond that unites us with our clients so we can learn from each other and provide customised solutions.
Passion and motivation are what drive our team to learn more and evolve in architecture, interior design and decoration.


The company creators made their interior design dreams come true when they founded Estudi d’Ambientació in 1976.
In the 80s, the company attended its first trade fair in Paris, step one on its path to international expansion. This led to the launch of Integral de Obras, a company producing exhibition stands whilst also carrying out interior design and decoration projects in retail units, private houses and the catering industry.
During the 90s, Integral de Obras secured its position as a leading interior design and decoration firm. It continued with its international expansion at trade fairs, ultimately specialising in temporary architecture.
MyObras appeared in 2010 as a spin-off from Ideo. Keeping the values that took Ideo to the cutting edge of design, MyObras continues to grow without losing sight of the very essence that made it evolve: client satisfaction.
This new phase is characterised by the firm’s dedication not only to commercial interior design and temporary architecture, but also to the execution of works from the simplest idea to its materialisation, thus covering all the aspects that make up each project.
MyObras is today a multidisciplinary company formed by architects, interior designers and communicators. Its clear goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to all kinds of projects.