Diaz Cano


DIAZ-CANO INTERIOR DESIGN, S.L. responds to a design world philosophy, caring for aesthetic qualities since its launch in 1987. It is a well-established design company boasting a long history and experience of projects worldwide, both private and public.

Covering a host of design disciplines and collaborating with large innovation-driven companies, both on-site and regarding products.

One of DIAZ-CANO’s fortes is dealing with clients, who trust the firm to meet their project needs. This is achieved through tireless studio work and research to find new materials, textures, shapes, technology, etc. that best suit the tastes and needs of our clients. Projects are a way of conveying the lives of the people who inhabit them. For that very reason, given that no two people are alike, no project is more customised than a DIAZ-CANO one.

DIAZ-CANO boasts a select team of experienced and people-oriented specialists who span the field of creative and technical design services, providing talent and creativity so that our projects stand out above the rest.


  •  Official FC Villarreal Store
  • Zzumo Mas Barcelona
  • Detached house in Alfinach
  • Detached house in Oliveral (Valencia)
  • Detached house in Urb. Monasterios
  • Housing in Valencia, Av. de la Cortes
  • Detached house in Manises
  • Pressing Sports Store
  • Office in Nuevo Centro
  • Marazzi Exhibition
  • Amado Salvador store on Gran Via in Valencia
  • Restaurants and leisure facilities
  • Restaurant A La Luna
  • Restaurant Manglano para Tomar
  • Zzumo Mas
  • Dental Clinics
  • Exhibition stands